Mergers and Acquisitions

Purchasing a business can be a great way to achieve employment independence and grow revenue streams. Whether you are buying a brand new company, acquiring a business to merge with existing operations or buying out a partner, Kasher Capital can empower you to achieve your growth plan.

Loan Size

Depending on your needs, we lend amounts from $1 to $5 million for qualified applicants. Kasher Capital offers competitive interest rates, and money for working capital and equipment may also be included in the financing package.

The Process

Our business acquisition loan process is designed to be as efficient as possible and we strive to reduce the administrative burden on all parties. We will walk you through it ahead of time so you know what to expect as things progress. Before funding a loan, Kasher Capital does an in-depth review of the business you want to purchase in order to align your needs, and the company’s existing assets, with the best financing structure possible. We are committed to the success of your endeavor and provide our expertise throughout the process.

Experience Counts

Kasher Capital understands acquiring a business is a big decision. Our highly skilled team has a strong history in business acquisition financing. We can guide you through each step to help ensure the process is as smooth as possible from start to finish.