Helping Businesses Large and Small Finance Equipment

If your business, like many others, needs equipment to provide your products or services, you know the financial strain it can put on your budget. Fortunately, there’s a solution in the form of equipment financing from Kasher Capital.

Are There Benefits of Leasing?

Absolutely, there are several benefits of leasing the equipment you need instead of buying it. For example, leasing means your budget has a bit more flexibility and room to breathe because you don’t have to put a large part of it towards new tools. Your business also benefits in the following ways:

  • Fixed payments
  • Monthly payments with low amounts
  • Installation of new and updated equipment
  • Accounting and tax advantages
  • 84 months to repay the lease
  • Approval granted within five days of applying

Are There Different Leasing Programs?

Yes. After you decide equipment leasing is right for your business, you need to figure out which financing program is for you. The three we offer are:

  • For government entities: Fire and police departments, public libraries and schools, armed services and state agencies are all guaranteed financing with us.
  • For startups: New businesses can rest easy knowing they can acquire the equipment they need to start making profits and establishing their company by leasing tools rather than purchasing.
  • For lease-to-own options: If purchasing outright isn’t a viable option for your business, we offer a lease-to-own option. In this program, you start by leasing the equipment and then we make you the owner after you pay the final installment on the lease.

Sign Your Lease Agreement Today

If your business is considering leasing the tools you need, contact Kasher Capital today. Our equipment financing can help whether you need cement trucks and bulldozers or computers and printers. Our experts are ready to help you work through the application and secure financing so you can lease equipment and provide your services sooner rather than later.