Building Your Franchise With Our Financing

If you’re planning on expanding your business and creating a franchise, you need working capital to help you out. That’s where franchise financing from Kasher Capital comes in. We’re proud to provide capital to existing and new franchises to support their growth and champion their success with our financial backing.

Included With Our Loans

Many franchises need financing to perform remodels, build, refinance, acquire expansions, purchase new equipment and buy pieces of property. All of those work to help a franchise expand into the market and we can assist you with all of that. Part of accepting financing from us means you get to work with financial experts who have experience helping businesses like yours secure the appropriate funding. Another part of our loan process is making sure you receive quality loans with the following terms:

  • 25 years to pay off the loan
  • Rates beginning at a low and affordable 6%
  • LTV as high as 90%
  • No repercussions for making pre-payments
  • Quick closing

Call Us

If you’re looking for affordable franchise financing, contact Kasher Capital today. Our experts are ready to help you apply for your loan, beginning with a free consultation and sending you the application. Your franchise dream is almost a reality, and we want to be part of making it happen.