Is an SBA Loan Right for You?

You could make your business dreams a reality with a small business loan from Kasher Capital. We lend with approval from the Small Business Administration to support smaller companies in a range of industries. Our flexible financing packages have a lot to offer.

Our Products

We provide several types of SBA loans and financing products.

Generous Cash Loans

Borrow up to $5 million to cover your business expenses, and enjoy competitive interest rates. These loans include the following terms:

• No prepayment penalties
• Full amortization
• 25-year repayment terms
• Up to 90% financing
• Access to 7a and 504 programs
• Variable or fixed interest rates

Equipment Financing

Having the right tools is essential for running any business. Our loans can cover:

• Diagnostic and medical equipment
• Manufacturing equipment
• Trucking equipment
• Heavy equipment
• Machine tools
• Dry cleaning and laundry equipment
• Printing and binding equipment

Existing Business Acquisition Loans

We offer up to 80% financing on existing business acquisition loans, depending on the financial and managerial conditions of the business. These are amortized loans with 15-year repayment terms. There is no prepayment penalty and no ballooning. With our quick application process, you could be pre-qualified within 48 hours.

Qualifying Businesses

Kasher Capital works with numerous small businesses and property types, including:

• Child care centers
• Veterinary practices
• Nonconforming properties and single-use buildings
• Hotels and motels
• Automotive services, including gas stations, repair shops, car washes and dealerships

If approved for an SBA loan, you can use the funds to refinance existing debt, purchase commercial properties, build or improve upon commercial properties, or purchase much-needed supplies. You have the flexibility to decide how the money can best support your business.

Contact Us

Call Kasher Capital to get more details about our small business loans. Our financial experts will analyze your situation and help you select the best product to suit your needs. We can also send you an application when you are ready to proceed.